Don't Miss the Cross #2

You will miss the cross if you fail to understand that God planned the cross out of grace? This is the counterbalance to the notion that God is only anger and fury against sinners. The marvel is that the righteousness-loving and holy God who is totally self-existent outside of His own creation moved in grace to... Read More

Little Lessons From Jesus' Life

Hymns: 593 O for a Faith That Will Endure  579 Lord, in the Fulness of My Might Read: Mark 8:1-21   The Life of the Lord Jesus is filled with little lessons. It is the multitude of details of the Saviour's holy life that lays down a strong foundation for our faith.    Lesson 1.  His ministry was larger than life.... Read More

A Heavenly Look & An Earthly Sigh

Hymns 679 Revive the Hearts!  685 O Breath of Life   Reading Mark 7:31-37 The first thing that strikes us about the healing of the deaf man, who had the impediment of speech, is that he was brought to Jesus (v32) "And they bring unto him [Jesus] one that was deal, and had an impediment in his speech and the... Read More


Don't Miss the Cross # 1

“God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Christ.”  Galatians 6:14 These are the words of the apostle Paul, a man of many attainments as a Jew and then as a Christian leader in the pioneering days of Christianity. He planted churches, preached with great effect and, under divine inspiration,... Read More

A Mother's Prayers

Hymns: 330 Come, Let Us to the Lord Our God 448 Nothing BetweenBible Reading Mark 7:24-30 The scene changes from Galilee to Tyre and Sidon, towns on the north coast of Israel. Even there, the Lord's fame preceded Him and bodily rest was nigh impossible. Note the words in v24 "He could not be hid." As Jew and... Read More

Praying Through Man's Corruption

Hymns 306 Abundant Life  363 Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me Bible Reading Mark 7:1-23.   Some of my best memories of food on the farm are the times when my mother or sisters brought tea and sandwiches out to the field. When harvesting grain or picking potatoes with dirt under the nails, our hands needed deep... Read More

Good Habits For Prayer

Hymns: 526 I Need Thee Every Hour  345 Pass Me Not, O Gentle Saviour Bible Reading: Mark 6:45-53 Good habits. We begin to see patterns in the life of the Lord. These habits should be formed in us too.  Disciples are supposed to discipline their lives as followers of the Lord. Every workman or housewife has... Read More

What is Biblical Marriage?

What is Biblical marriage?  I never thought I would live in times when we have to answer such an abc question on marriage.  Society is pushing agendas that force us to go back to basics and look again at the foundations for Biblical marriage. I won't digress into the humanistic ideas that are based on... Read More

Challenged to Reach the Lost

Hymns: 692 Jesus Saves  685 O Breath Of Life Bible Reading: Mark 6:31-44 Consider the Lord's command to disciples in v 37.  "Give ye them to eat." We want to look at the Lord's challenge to the disciples to feed the 5000.  They were given this task before the Lord multiplied the bread and fish. They were brought... Read More

Jesus Known for His Habits

Hymns: 464 Nearer, Still Nearer  443 None but Christ Can Satisfy! Bible Reading Mark 6:31-46. A person is known by his or her habits. A criminal is often found out because of the patterns in his behaviour. When something goes wrong in a community, it will be said, "It's just like him." With reference to a good... Read More