How Should We Pray for our Marriages?

Hymns: 676 The Mercy Seat 731 O Give Us HomesBible reading: Mark 10:1-12In Mark chapter 10 the Lord was commencing his Judean ministry. Ministry is the operative term, for the Lord continued his practice of teaching and preaching. As the revelation of the Father, Christ's method of dispelling the darkness was to... Read More

Practicing Self-Denial (2)

Bible Reading: Mark 9:42-50. The Lord continued instructing His disciples on the need for self denial. In this discourse He showed how radical sons of Adam need to be to be true disciples of Christ. 1. We need to practice self-denial to persevere in the Christian life.  v43 - 48. The mortification of the flesh,... Read More

Practicing Self-Denial

Hymns: 256 The Love of Jesus  546 Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken Mark 9:38 - 50 Balance is one of the key things in the Christian life.  A warp in the wheel throws the whole life off-centre and sends many otherwise good and earnest believers in wrong directions.  These disciples swung like a pendulum in an opposite... Read More

The Way up with God is Down

Hymns: 525 Trust and Obey 526 I Need Thee Every Hour Bible Reading Mark 9:30-37. I like to follow the trail on which the Lord took His disciples. From Galilee, they went 25 miles north to Caesarea Philippi with its several villages. Remember its historic significance with the fountain of flowing water that was... Read More

Victory Through Faith

This history of our Lord's dealing with a demon-possessed boy teaches us about the need for much prayer. The conclusion of the matter was well stated, "This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting" v29. These words are a timeless rebuke to the powerless disciples showing that without the Lord... Read More

Jesus' Transfiguration

Hymns: 482 A heart Like thine 510 He Giveth More GraceBible Reading Mark 9:1-10 The Transfiguration is a grand "show and tell" of the Saviour's essential glory.The setting is probably in Mt. Hermon - after visiting the villages around Caesarea Philippi.The purpose of this revelation of the Lord's personal glory... Read More

To See as Trees Walking

Hymns 172 Father of Peace 173 Our Great High Priest Is SittingBible Reading Mark 8:22 - 26 The lessons of this miracle of a blind man's healing which is tucked away in chapter eight of Mark's gospel are varied. 1. We see the value of bringing men to the Lord Jesus to meet their needs.This is a lesson for prayer.... Read More


Don't Miss the Cross #4 Think Perfect Obedience!

Lest you miss the meaning of the cross of Christ you must understand that Jesus died on the Cross in perfect obedience to the Father with a purpose to save His people? Obedience is a key factor in Christ's death. He was sent by the Father. He was a servant of the Father. He came to do the Father's will and... Read More

Be Ready to Take up the Cross

Hymns 134 Hark! the Voice of Love and Mercy Hymn 135 When I Survey the Wondrous CrossBible Reading Mark 8: 27-38Theme: Be Ready to Take up the Cross In the interest of keeping to this passion week, we leave the incident of healing the blind man for now. The travels of the Lord are to be noted. The healing of the... Read More


Don't Miss the Cross #3 - Think Substitute.

Don’t Miss the Cross Think Substitute! You will miss the cross of Christ if you fail to understand that Jesus died on the cross as a substitute for sinners. Substitution is an absolutely essential concept in Jesus' death. If you think that the Lord merely died as an example of bravery in the face of suffering,... Read More