Prayer & Bible Study April 13, 2017

Prayer & Bible Study  April 13, 2017

          Prayer & Bible Study April 12, 2017  

Hymn 153  Behold the Saviour on the Cross Hymn

148  O Teach Me What It Meaneth  

Bible reading & Study   Matthew 26:14-25  

One of the harshest words in the English language is "traitor". In the Greek text it is even more specific and all the more damning, as it means, "to deliver up." It is deliberate, dirty disloyal, treacherous abuse of privilege, low and despicable. 

To be called a traitor is the worst. The word traitor and the name Judas are forever twinned. They are synonymous for treachery. To be called a Judas takes you down to the level of scum. This is because one of the disciples who was so honoured, for he saw and witnessed the things which Abraham, Moses, and Isaiah never saw with their naked eye, yet he had it in for the Lord Jesus, his own leader. The conversations, love, kindness, the fellowship and friendship which the Lord extended to Judas, were all thrown away, or worse still, turned to destroy the Lord.  

However, we learn that none of this was hidden from the "all knowing" Lord Jesus.  See ch. 26:2.   See how the wicked intentions of the chief priest and scribes met with the treachery of Judas.  Compare v3,- 4 with v 14. We can see how the architect of darkness worked his will in the children of darkness.   

On Sunday evening, we had lessons of encouragement on Peter's fall and restoration. This evening we have lessons from Judas to make us fear for the false professor and for the powers of hell at work in the unconverted.  

1. The Lord was the One to Exposed Judas  See v21  'One of you shall betray me." Note the extent of sorrow, which the disciples showed.  "exceeding sorrowful."  That means to be stressed to a great depth.  It was genuine among the 11 disciples. However, Judas also asked "Is it I."  - he was still living the lie.  

2. None of the disciples suspected Judas.  v22 He talked the talk and walked the walk.  He knew all the rights things to say and do as the others.       

3. We learn of the fearful end of Judas and all who deny Christ.  v 24   "Woe unto that man." (The Lord knew of the betrayal, but never tried to stop it or thwart it. It was all to be fulfilled and a part of the voluntary sufferings of Christ.) The doctrine of eternal punishment is written into this answer. Annihilation would not answer to this.  Even a short term in purgatory, or a short-term hell would be bearable.  But this is final. Christ referred to him as the son of perdition.    "While I was with them in the world, I kept them in thy name: those that thou gavest me I have kept, and none of them is lost, but the son of perdition; that the scripture might be fulfilled" (John 17:2).  

4. This reference to Judas as the son of perdition shows that Christ does not lose one of His own sheep. Judas was not in the fold and then brought down by Satan.  He was appointed to this position to become the traitor. See John 13:2  "The devil having now put into the heart of Judas Iscariot, Simon's son to betray him.." This must magnify the mercy of sovereign election. Without the electing purpose of God, if we were left to our own shepherding we would also be a Judas. We too would sell the Lord for 30 pieces of silver. True believers have nothing to boast about.  We are not a whit better. If Satan entered into us, and not the Holy Spirit, we would be a child of hell also. Read John 13:2, 18-32.  Satan entered into Judas. These are solemn things.  They must put humble delight in our hearts, that we were not left to such darkness and perdition.

5.Judas was not present for the institution of the Supper.   He was not one of the Lord's sheep. He went out before the Lord made the Passover supper into the NT communion feast. He was absent at the Mount of Olives and in Gethsemane. He could not enter into the sufferings of Christ as the other disciples were encouraged to do. He was not of the spirit of Christ in his sufferings. Judas was the betrayer and at that time working to betray the Lord.  see v 46. Even the other true disciples needed to be warned to watch and pray.  see v 41 True disciples are not above temptation and direct assaults from the devil. Satan attacks us, but he cannot enter into us. He can work on our minds and constitutions even to cause us to be sleepy, but he cannot destroy us.   Judas Could find no Peace for His Soul after betraying the Lord. Matt. 27:1-5 Judas' repentance was a change of interest. This is not a change of heart.  He saw His crime, but He gave no confession of sorrow for sin, even though he admitted to sinning. He went to the wrong people to put things right. He made no attempt to plead the blood of Christ for cleansing from sin. His testimony of Jesus stands as a witness to the goodness of Christ, "I have betrayed the innocent blood." By betraying the blood, there was no peace for his soul.  Therefore, he went and hanged himself.  

How should this move us to pray?  

We should be full of thanksgiving for the electing grace that has chosen us to life.

We should be thankful that Satan has no part in us.

We should be watchful for any advantage we might give to the devil.  He will still try to rob us of our peace. The answer is to ever go to the blood of Jesus. Hymn by Irons.  # 132.  What Sacred Fountain Yonder Springs Up From the Throne of God.

We should pray for the Lord's power to call men to true faith in Christ.  

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