Prayer & Bible Study April 19, 2017

Prayer & Bible Study April 19, 2017

Prayer & Bible Study April 20, 2017 Mark chapter 3

Hymns:  679  God is Here   670  Behold the Throne of Grace  

This third chapter Mark may be divided into three periods or places.

In the Synagogue  v1 - 6 

At the Sea shore  v 7 - 12

On the Mountain top v 13 - 35  

When in the synagogue we are impressed with the Lord's sympathy and discernment of men.  "anger" v5 When at the sea we are impressed with the sheer numbers of seekers and the numbers of miracles. v 8 - 10      

Look for the "multitudes." See the places they came from and how far they travelled. The numbers required crowd control using a boat -  "small ship should wait on him because of the multitudes". v9

When on the mountain we are impressed with the calling of the twelve disciples.

When on the mountain we are impressed with the opposition which the Lord faced. v 20 -23. The mountain top was not free from opposition - often this is the case when a wider work is being launched - the 12 were appointed to preach, heal and cast out devils.   

v 21  His friends, or kin, sought to arrest him, thinking he was deranged.

v 22  The scribes accused the Lord of working by the power of Satan.

When on the mountain we are impressed with Christ's response to this accusation that he cast out devils by the power of devils. v23  -26  We see their faulty logic. v27 -   Note Satan's hostility to have his goods spoiled. This means that Satan would not give up souls in his captivity without a fight.  He must first be bound and defeated before he offers up captive souls to the kingdom of God.

v28  We learn of the power of the Lord to pardon all kinds of sinners through the gospel. "all sins" and all "Blasphemies" are forgiven.   This is a most reassuring promise for sinners.     

     What is the unpardonable sin? "But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, ..." v29   It is not to sin against Christ or blaspheme Him.  The dying thief on the cross was forgiven.  It is not to be guilty of wrong oaths in Jesus' Name or against the Lord’s kingdom -  Paul the apostle was pardoned from that.  

Who is guilty of the unpardonable sin?- JC Ryle said,  "It is mercifully ordered of God, that man can never decide positively of any brother, that he has committed a sin which cannot be forgiven."  It is nowhere defined in Scripture. We have no example of one who committed it until we learn of their death – Judas.  

The sin against the Holy Ghost is ever attended with these two symptoms - the absence of all contrition, and of all desire of forgiveness. That means that the gospel preacher can assure any sin-burdened soul, who is convicted about sin, that there is forgiveness for him, no matter what their past sins may have been.   

The punishment for an unpardoned soul is eternal.  He "is in danger of eternal damnation" v29.  This is the clear teaching of Christ.  It cannot be explained away. There is a hell to shun.  Pardon must be had or there is eternal doom for souls.    

Conclusion:  The way to befriend the Lord and have His friendship is to do the will of God.  v35 There is no secret to friendship with the Lord.  It is not mysterious.  It comes down to doing God’s will, keeping the Lord’s commandments and showing our loyalty to Christ in all our decisions.  Christians may speak of desiring the Lord’s friendship but they don’t do what it takes to be a faithful follower. Let us pray for an obedient heart and let us search the scriptures yearning for more light to know God’s will and for power to do it.  Remember that it was the wise man who built his house on the rock who reflected the doers of the Lord’s word.

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