Prayer Meeting June 7, 2017

Prayer Meeting June 7, 2017

"Go home to thy friends and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had compassion on thee."

Mark 5:19


We had two first-time attendees at prayer meeting this week.  The study was on this text in Mark 5:19 and we emphasised how the Lord uses converts to witness through their testimony at home, where their conversion has the greatest impact.

Based on this incident of Legion sent to witness to his fellow countrymen in Decapolis, earnest prayer was made for the ministry of our church to lead people to recognize the Lordship of Christ, His power to save and His compassion to sinners.  Even the Lord's rejection, when driven out of Gadara, did not lessen His love for their souls. He wanted the newly delivered Legion to be a light to them in their spiritual darkness.

Daniel R. is making a good recovery.  He was able to sing along during my visit yesterday.  Unknown to us at the time our songs ministered to a Christian lady-patient who was listening from a nearby room. I had the opportunity to pray with her.

Al. R.  is recovering at home after surgery.  He is thankful for the prayers of God's people.

We prayed for a Uganda mission school and church.  The FPC of Ulster has undertaken a large responsibility of operating the school and providing ministry through the church and children's ministries.  

We prayed for the children of our church and for their Children's Day program on June 18 during the morning service.

I was very thankful for the many who prayed earnestly for the Holy Spirit to graciously help me in the work of preparing to preach and for power to preach the word. There seems to be a growing recognition that only the Lord can empower the preached word in our midst.