Q & A

We all have questions about the Bible, salvation, Christian living and church life. We want this Q & A section to minister to these needs. Be sure to send us your questions.  We look forward to receiving your feedback.

Responsibilities of Communicants at the Lord's Supper

  The Free Presbyterian Church in Cloverdale Adult Sunday SchoolCommunion—Responsibilities of Communicants________________________________________________________________No matter how clear and... View

What we do at Communion

What we do at Communion._______________________________________________________________________________To eat and drink worthily (1Cor. 11:29) at communion requires knowledge and discernment of... View

What is the Bible?

This message covers the symbols of the Bible, its inspiration, its eternal value and its power to convert the soul. Click here to listen to the audio and video sermon on this question. View

How do I Choose a New Church?

What to look for in a church before becoming a member? 1. A church that is confessional. This means that it has a doctrinal statement and it is best to have a historical document rather than a... View

Why did the Lord insist that men be born again?

These are the most demanding words ever spoken by the Lord.  They were address to a Jewish Rabbi, Nicodemus.  He took an interest in the ministry and teaching of the Lord, but the Lord demanded... View

Why do we Preach Christ Crucified?

DID YOU KNOW? We preach “Christ Crucified,” because only a bleeding, wounded Saviour has the power to save souls. The Moravian missionaries learned this truth after they had laboured in Greenland... View

What Inspired Handel's Messiah?

Handel’s Messiah was a work of musical art focusing on the death of Christ. An intimate friend of Handel called on him just as he was composing the music for the words, “He was despised, and... View

Why the Blood of Jesus?

Did you know that we are Saved By the Blood of the Cross. An earnest Christian man and faithful reader of the Bible was assailed by an infidel. “I do not understand nor do I believe,” said he,... View

What is the Gospel Story?

The BeginningThe Christian message starts with the Bible’s opening words: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). This simple statement makes a stunning claim:... View

A New Beginning - Booklet

This booklet, written by Dr. Alan Cairns, provides a comprehensive overview of the Bible’s message of salvation. This is a ready reference for personal use, group Bible Studies and evangelism.... View

Why You Need a Saviour?

Because You Have a Soul. When a newborn baby arrives in the world, parents and family marvel at God’s creative work. They check for ten fingers and ten toes and look for all the vital signs of... View