Bible Study / Prayer June 14, 2017

Bible Study / Prayer June 14, 2017

"Be not afraid, only believe."  

Mark 5:36


Hymns: 409 Trusting in Jesus  
435 Love Divine, All Loves Excelling
Bible Reading Mark 5:21 - 24, 35 - 43.
We take an interest in Jairus for we want to learn how to pray. Prayer is calling on the Lord for our needs and the church's needs to see the Lord answer by His grace and power.
This account of Jairus' daughter being sick, then dying and her resurrection to life again was all mediated through the prayer of a loving father - Jairus.
We learn from this incident that love is not enough to bring children back from sickness and death. Love is not enough to be a parent. In spite of all that Jairus was by position, character and fatherhood needed the Lord Jesus.
Surely this incident is recorded to teach us of our personal need of the Lord's power and presence in our lives.
We live in a world where sin ravages and destroys the body. Death and decay are all around us. Death stalks with unrelenting visitations so that we will all face this enemy sooner than we may think. Let's face it, since sin came into the world there is no normality. This is a world of strife, struggle, tears and anguish. This world is not our home.  
So we need the Lord, who is the resurrection and the life and we need to learn how to pray through with our problems and burdens.  This study of Jairus as a model for prayer contains many lessons for us. See the pdf notes below for this study.


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