Bible Study / Prayer June 21, 2017

Bible Study / Prayer June 21, 2017

This week at prayer meeting we sang hymns: 

Hymns: 282 Depth of Mercy! Can There Be   278  How Can It Be?

Bible Reading Mark 5:25-34  

This story of the woman healed of her long-term disease seems very rushed. Her coming to Jesus for healing was crammed into the middle of the healing of Jairus' daughter.
The event is a seeming interruption to the vital ministry of Christ.
Due to the hustle of the hour, we would not be shocked to see this woman cast aside and totally ignored. She herself was timid, a picture of weakness and sorrow. Poverty was written all over her since those money-grabbing doctors robbed her of everything including her hope.
The way by which this woman came to Jesus for healing is very different.
There were no words. She was timid, she was fixated on the Lord's garment, but not on the Lord Himself.
Her faith was very weak.  She is not a model of faith.  She is an exception to the normal evidence of faith in many ways, yYet it serves to highlight the Lord's sympathy. Right in the midst of the throng and on the way to Jairus' home, while the Lord was on a mission of mercy to another, she was healed by a simple touch of the garment and the Lord pronounced her healing.  She became a paragon of the Lord's mercies.
Study:  The Lord's acceptance of weak faith.


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