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It looks like the pandemic is not nearly over. With a spike in Covid-19 cases in many US states as well as in Quebec and Ontario, we begin to realize the long-term battle we are in to see this pandemic brought to an end. Indeed, we have to confess that it will not be done by man's power and wisdom alone. I'm amazed at the conflicting measures proposed and the failure of many things that have been tried to turn this pandemic around. The balance between implementing cautions to fight the pandemic and opening up the economy is a nigh-impossible task.
I believe God is driving us to our knees. He would remind puny man that we are not in control. Our times are in His hands.
It has been bitterly grievous to witness the pride of man during this pandemic. The hostility of men against their fellow men shows no humility. We need to pray for God to give true genuine heart repentance to men and women in Canada and around the world.
This is time to seek the Lord. It is time to search the Bible to learn what the Lord would have us to do. We need to realise that Satan is very busy and will fight ferociously to work confusion and rebellion in society.
Sadly, we do not see any rise of interest in people seeking God. We do not see Bible reading on the increase. Rather it is the television with all the wretchedness of Hollywood's stench that is filling the gap and filling people's minds.
Would you please join me in daily prayer to cry out to God to graciously turn our nation again to the gospel. Pray for the word of God to fall on good ground to be received with understanding. What other hope is there for blinded sinners to be saved. There are no man-made answers and no political answers that will change the deepest issues of society. We need the Lord to change people's hearts.
We need a real, genuine, back-to-the-Bible reformation revival that will have people standing on the 10 commandments, trust in the life and death of Christ as the Saviour of the world. We need a revival that will send souls fleeing from hell and the wrath to come to live in the hope and blessed assurance of heaven. Surely we can each pray for that.

Pastor Ian Goligher