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The B.C. health order has been extended to the end of February 2021, with just a hint that if present trends of infection rates continue things may be relaxed in the near future. That seems to depend on a lot of factors including vaccinations and the control of Covid-19 variants, which have been detected in the province and known to be more infectious.

So we invite you to join us online for our webcast services until these orders are changed. Let us use this time to do all we can to encourage one another by staying in touch by phone and email. If each one were to phone even just two people in our congregation we would build up the fellowship of our congregation. Remember those who live alone and our seniors who continue to be isolated from the general public.

The Session and Committee are planning for the church's Annual General Meeting. When the financial statements for 2020 are finalized and approved by the elders and deacons a date for the AGM will be announced.

Rev. Larry Saunders will be attending the Session and Committee meeting and the AGM as he moves into his role as interim moderator/minister over our congregation. This will take place upon the retirement of Pastor Ian Goligher on Sunday, March 14. 

Pastor Goligher will continue to serve the church as radio minister continuing the present list of daily and weekly programs across Canada. Check out the LTBS Radio section of this website for further details. 

Please remember to pray for Rev. Saunders and Elders Andy Roersma and Alan Samuel as they plan for future pulpit supply and to search for a new minister to serve in our congregation.