Ian Goligher
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Pastor Goligher was converted to Christ on September 1, 1974. That makes it 46 years since he was born again by the power of the gospel. On Sunday evening, Sept. 6 at 6 p.m., Pastor Goligher will give his testimony of salvation and his call to the gospel ministry under the banner of the Free Presbyterian Church - the denomination that was formed in 1951 as a result of the formation of the World Council of Churches and the apostasy of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.

From the family farm in the heart of Ulster, Northern Ireland, to the far western parts of Canada, God has called Rev. Goligher to preach the gospel. Tomorrow evening he tells of the cause behind His life's work and ministry - the call of God, and the great need for souls to hear the gospel.

While the church ministry in Cloverdale is the base of his preaching ministry, each week the gospel is heard on a number of radio stations across Canada. To hear him relate his own story of God's grace and God's goodness join online at 6 p.m., or come along to the in-person service. You will be welcome.

"Is there not a cause" (1 Samuel 17:29).

(You can view and listen to this testimony here.)