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What's On?

Sunday 10:30 a.m. Morning Worship   Children's Story on Martin Luther  Sunday Morning Sermon:  Reformation Praying

Sunday 6 p.m.  - Daniel chapter 9 - Daniel's Prayer for His People.

Wednesday 7:30 p.m. -  Bible Study and Prayer Meeting -  Zoom Meeting commences at 8:15 p.m.  Send us an email requesting the link.

We encourage each one to attend and join in prayer. We covet the prayer support of God's people for the ministry of the gospel, for our families living through this pandemic, for our nation, and for revival in the Lord's church.

Listen to this week's prayer message on Reformation Praying - Ezra 9

Listen to today's radio program   -  The Gospel According to Godliness

Listen to last Sunday's children's Story - The Boy Samuel

Pray for our Seniors: 

Arlene P. had surgery on Wednesday this week. She is now home recuperating. Arlene and her husband, Art, appreciate the prayers of God's people as they manage things around Arlene's illness.

Pray for the children: 

While there is no Sunday School at this time, pray that the short children's stories given during the morning services and the follow-up worksheets will be used of God to instruct them in the great truths of the Bible. Pastor Goligher finds it is a great joy to see the rivetted attention the children give to these stories. Pray for the Lord's Spirit to work through His word in each young person's heart.

Pray for the unconverted:

It is great to have visitors and family members attend our Sunday services. We are never sure who is converted and who is not, but we pray for gospel messages, gospel invitations, and follow-up conversations that will lead sinners to Christ. Please pray continually for these souls who need the Lord.

Pray for our Reformation theme of Reformation Prayers in the Bible:

Last Wednesday evening the message was on Ezra's praying for reformation among the people who had inter-married. He was burdened to the point of praying and fasting before asking permission of the King of Persia to return to Jerusalem to rebuild. We will continue to look at reformation prayers through this reformation month of October.