Ian Goligher

We look forward to fellowship in church tomorrow evening with our brothers and sisters for Bible Study and prayer. We also plan to have in-person Sunday services commencing this Sunday at 10:30 a.m. & 6 p.m.

With the Lord's help, we will have the following measures in place for the safety of all who attend:

  1. We will only meet in the upstairs area and use the front door only to enter the sanctuary. This is to keep the lower level solely for the use of the pre-school to avoid requirements to sanitize their area etc.
  2. Attendance will be kept under 50 in the sanctuary, using alternate benches and assigned benches for families to sit together while others will be required to keep a distance.
  3. We will use music sheets for each service for praise without singing aloud. While the music is played we will lip the words. Singing aloud has proven to cause the spread of the virus where it is present.
  4. An offering box will be placed on the foyer table to eliminate contact.
  5. We will not celebrate the Lord's Supper in the month of June. When we do hold our next communion service we will ask communicants to bring their own juice and bread.
  6. The length of services will be kept under one hour to reduce the use of washrooms.
  7. We will continue to webcast Sunday services and Wednesday prayer messages and use the Zoom Conference call during the prayer time. This will facilitate those who are unable to attend, or those not comfortable attending while the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic remains.
  8. There will be no handshaking or physical contact with fellow believers and parents will be asked to keep their children close at all times.
  9. All hard surfaces will be sanitized after each service.
  10. An attendance record will be kept for each service. If any attendee should become ill and test positive for Covid-19 we ask that the session be notified immediately.

We understand that attendance is voluntary and each worshipper attends with the confidence that the steps being taken by the Session and Committee are acceptable to them. Your help to maintain a distance from other worshippers and to follow the other guidelines is much appreciated.