Ian Goligher

Sundays Aug. 9 & 16 Rev. Andrew Simpson, minister of Prince George FPC, is ministering the Lord's word in our church. Please come along to worship the Lord. The present rules of 50 people maximum still apply, so come early or come along to the evening service at 6 p.m.  OR join by webcast from the front page of this site.

Pastor Goligher and his wife, Beulah, will be back for prayer meeting next week (Aug. 19) Lord willing.

Pray for our daily radio programs that are going out in this area, the Maritimes, Canada and Liberia. 

Pray also for the Sunday programs that go out on Taiwan Intl. Radio and in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Southern Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and P.E.I.

May the Lord use His word in many hearts to edify believers and turn sinners to faith in Christ and repentance toward God.

Let us not be slack in prayer. If God rules, and he does, then we must pray for the hand of God to rule in the hearts of men as we labour to preach the gospel.  Do you believe that?  Here is what E.M. Bounds wrote on this aspect of prayer:

"It must never be forgotten that Almighty God rules this world. He is not an absentee God. His hand is ever on the throttle of human affairs. He is everywhere present in the concerns of time. His eyes behold, his eyelids try the children of men." he rules the world just as he rules the church by prayer. This lesson needs to be emphasized and stressed in the ears of men of modern times and brought to bear with cumulative force on the consciences of this generation whose eyes have no vision for the eternal things, whose ears are deaf toward God."  

God will hear our prayers, so let us pray!