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"He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust."

Psa 91:1-2   

Our V.B.S. has been going well with two families from outside our church bringing their children along each evening.
We are teaching on people who became Christians. These include Nicodemus, Saul of Tarsus, Zacchaeus, Lydia and the Philippian Jailer.  Mrs. Roersma reads from Pilgrim's Progress - the story of Christian leaving the city of destruction to flee to the Celestial City. The crafts involve making items of the Christian armour.  
It is a great joy to work with the children as they sing, listen intently to the Bible stories and have lots of fun together.  We are thankful for them and for all who are helping each evening.
At prayer meeting we moved to Psalm 91.  It is the psalm of protection where the Lord promises He will give His angels to keep charge over us.  Mr. Spurgeon pleaded this psalm when ministering to the sick and dying when the city of London was smitten with a very contagious plague. 
At Prayer Meeting this week we prayed:
For Pastor Mok who, Lord willing, will be preaching at both services on Sunday.
     Mr. Samuel will lead the morning service and Mr. Roersma will lead the evening service.
For the congregation in Victoria and the Dunlop family that the Lord will be gracious at their farewell service on Sunday evening.
For Debbie's father who is in ill-health and needs God's salvation.
For other family members who need to be saved.
For the final two evenings of V.B.S.
For Daniel R. who needs a new caregiver.
Baptismal Service  Sunday evening July 31 at 7 p.m., after our regular evening service, for Lindsay S. and Steven B.
     Refreshments to be served. Families invited.
Remember to sign up this Sunday for the Church picnic and to indicate how you can assist.
The picnic is on Monday, Aug. 1. @ 2 p.m. in Peace Arch Park.
Report on special meeting in William's Lake.
At the Sunday evening service, which was held at a University meeting room, 24 people attended. Mr. Andrew Simpson conducted the service and preached the Lord's word. One person who attended indicated that the people were very encouraged and thankful for the live ministry of God's word. Some people in the area view our services by live webcast.
Mr. Simpson is ministering in Prince George until August 21. He plans to hold a V.B.S. in the church during the week of August 8. and he will be knocking doors in the evenings. 
Some thoughts on Psalm 91  (Read the Psalm and Meditate)
There is some debate about the author of this psalm - between Moses and David.
There is no title, but there are fingerprints and body language in this psalm.
a.  The writer had a deep experience with God.
     He was no novice nor stranger to the sufficiency and fellowship of the living God.
     He knew God to be all-powerful and worthy of personal trust.
     He speaks of personal confidence in the Lord  v2  "He is my refuge and my fortress: my God;  in him will I trust."
     He makes the reader jealous of this close communion with the Lord.
               May we be stirred by a holy jealousy to search after the Lord.
b. The writer walked in many dangers
     Could have been Moses, David or a prophecy of the Lord Jesus, who knew so many attacks.     
               The Lord quoted this psalm when tempted
          It is, therefore, a psalm for the tried and troubled saint, who needs a remedy to fear.
Has the world changed?  It seems as dangerous now as ever before.
     Death stalks us all.  Diseases rage. Hospitals are crowded.  The poor we always have and the sick linger on in every age.
          Under the curse of sin - the world of humanity struggles for purpose, joy, happiness and even life itself is a constant uphill struggle.
c.  The writer lived by constant faith 
          'trust" v2  "my refuge" v9
There is a great benefit to hear the sermons of those who walk closely with the Lord and drink deeply out of the wells of God's grace.
We need Christians who go deeper, not wider. We need believers who are rooted and resting in the Lord, not blown about by every false doctrine. 
  1.  It is a call to constant communion with God.  v1.
 The promise here does not apply to all Christians.  All do not dwell in the place of covering.  All have yet to learn the secret of communion with God.  The secret of prayer is to pray in secret.
  1. It is a commentary on the dangers of life on earth.
It is full of dangers - snares of fowlers, terrors by night, arrows by day, pestilencev6  war v7.
For those who live in the slums of third world cities there is little protection.  If you lived in Buckingham palace guarded by soldiers, the pestilence can still invade.
No wonder people dream of forming a colony on Mars to sustain human life.
  1. It declares the Christian's confidence in the sufficiency of the Lord to Protect.
    1. El Shaddai - omnipotent
    2. v2 "I will say of the LORD - Jehovah.  He is my refuge etc.
  1. It lays out the conditions of God's protection.
To dwell in the secret place - under the shadow of our God - near to Him, within His influence.
To be in constant communion with God is the desire of the true Christian, for then we are at home with God. We want to stay close to Him, and we complain when we fail.  For these reasons, we must give ourselves to prayer daily and hourly.