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Free From the Ceremonial Law

JOHN 1:15-18 "John testified about him and cried out, "This one was the one about whom I said, ‘He who comes after me is greater than I am, because he existed before me.’" For we have all... View

How did the Catholic Church Became Roman?

How did the Roman Catholic Church Become Roman? AUTHOR Chris Castaldo CATEGORY Articles DATE July 18, 2018 ‘I will build my church,’ Jesus declared (Matthew 16:18). And what a... View

The Scripture of Truth by Sidney Collett

The Scripture of Truth  In PDF format   Its Origin Its Science Its alleged Inaccuracies The Sacred Books of the East View

Luther Lesson 9 Posting the 95 Theses

“The Festival of All Saints was a very important day for Wittenburg and, above all, for the church the elector had built there and which he had filled with relics. On that day the priests used to... View

Luther Lesson 8 Indulgences: Free to Sin!

“Luther was one day seated in the confessional at Wittenberg. Many of the townspeople came successively and confessed themselves guilty of great excesses. Adultery, licentiousness, usury,... View

Luther Lesson 7 - Indulgences: Salvation for Sale!

From the year 1502 John Tetzel uninterruptedly fulfilled the office of dealer in indulgences. To him all means were good that filled his treasure chest. Raising his voice and displaying the... View

Bible Answer Man Duped into Wrong Orthodoxy

Bible Answer Man Duped into Wrong OrthodoxyBy Rev. Ian Goligher I was personally shocked and alarmed when, on the day after Palm Sunday, I heard Hank Hanegraaff pronounce on his radio program... View

Christianity 101

Discoverthe meaning ofBible Christianity._____________________Enter into the hope of the gospelto be enjoyed through faithin the Lord Jesus Christ. View

Literature Available Upon Request

Sometimes we offer literature and helps on our radio programs.         A new Beginning - Booklet by Doctor Alan Cairns Because you have a Soul  - leaflet by Rev. Ian Goligher  Current... View

Head-covering for Ladies in Worship

HEADCOVERING:Practiced in the PastMany Christian women don’t even know there is a history of head-covering, or that there is clear Bible teaching on this matter. Nevertheless, it has been the... View

A New Beginning - Booklet

This booklet, written by Dr. Alan Cairns, provides a comprehensive overview of the Bible’s message of salvation. This is a ready reference for personal use, group Bible Studies and evangelism.... View