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Did you know that I’ve been born again?
There is a reason why I am the way I am, now that I've lost my love of sin and found true delight in the Lord Jesus and in His word.
The reality is that you can't know the difference that the Lord will make in your life until you trust Him.
The Lord himself said that He is come to give His sheep eternal life and that more abundantly. Now I know that the Saviour’s promise to believers pertains to Heaven and the eternal future which we will have with Him in glory. After all, it is eternal life, but the Lord truly gives us a radically new life while we yet remain here in this world.
To be born again is to be born from above. The life of God is born in the soul of a man, or woman so that we are truly partakers of the divine nature. That does not mean that we become gods. Only the Mormons would dare state such a foolish thing. We are not gods, but the Holy Spirit gives believers a new desire and the capacity to enjoy God when he dwells in their hearts.
The believer's new desires lead to new decisions that are godly, for we want to please God. We are also enabled by the inner power of God's grace to walk in a new discipline of life. We delight in the Lord's commands and they are not grievous to us, for we find great peace and joy in doing the will of our heavenly Father.
You may find such a thing to be strange, so once did I. Indeed, before I was saved I was afraid that I could not keep myself from sinning, or that I would be a total failure at living as a Christian. But what did I find after I was saved? I discovered that the Lord keeps me. The apostle Paul proclaimed that the gospel is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth. To know this power, you need to be born again, just as the Lord Jesus said in John chapter 3:7, "Ye must be born again." And if you call on the Lord to save your soul you too will be born again by the power of his indwelling Spirit. Then you will know the power of the Lord in your life to overcome sin and live a life that will glorify Him. Then I hope you will remember I that I told you so.
Pastor Ian Goligher