All Time Great Advice to Husbands

Duties of Husbands Definition of husband From Eph 5 "Husband"  -  ANER  -  MALE "Head" - KEPHALE  -  figuratively  - part of body which is easily taken hold of to lead. "Saviour"  SOTER  - deliver /protector/ keeper The Apostle made much of the example that Christ is the head of the Church and is... Read More

How the Catholic Church Became Roman

How the Catholic Church Became Roman AUTHOR Chris Castaldo CATEGORY Articles DATE July 18, 2018 ‘I will build my church,’ Jesus declared (Matthew 16:18). And what a magnificent and agonizing process has unfolded for two millennia. Essential to this work is the formation of living stones — men and women... Read More

Why Prayer Requires the Spirit of Asking?

Hymn: 685  O Breath of Life  603 Roll the Sea Away   Bible Reading Mark 11: 22- 26 The Lord's entry into Jerusalem was dangerous. The city was infested with religious traitors artful in treachery.   The Lord's entry into Jerusalem while receiving the hosannas of the people was a glimpse of the eternal reign... Read More

Saving Faith that Works

Hymns 414 Revive Us Again  409 Trusting in Jesus Bible Reading Mark 10:46-52 An early traveller to the Holy Land reported that it was a common sight to see elderly people sitting by the roadside begging. A great many of them had problems with blindness and the traveller accredited the high rate of eye disease to... Read More

Why Does Pride Have No Place in Christian Service?

Hymns: 547 Have Thine Own Way, Lord.  Bible Reading  Mark 10:32-45 The maxim of v 31, "But many that are first shall be last; and the last first," was totally lost on the disciples, because six verses later James and John were clamouring for priority of position to reign with the Lord. Again when we discover how... Read More

Why Did the Rich Young Ruler Go Away Grieved?

Hymns: 566 Channels Only  573 Make Me a Channel of Blessing Bible Reading  Mark 10:17-27 Some cases in the gospel are very promising. A man or woman, or maybe a young person, comes asking all the right questions and shows the right attitudes, but in the end they make no progress to become a Christian. They do... Read More

How Should We Pray for Children?

Hymns: 680 Showers of Blessing 710 There's a Friend for little Children Bible Reading Mark 10:13-16 The disciples got into trouble again for their bad attitude. It seems that their very temperament was unsuited to their calling as disciples of Christ. So many attitudes had to be fixed for them to be Christlike... Read More

How Should We Pray for our Marriages?

Hymns: 676 The Mercy Seat 731 O Give Us HomesBible reading: Mark 10:1-12In Mark chapter 10 the Lord was commencing his Judean ministry. Ministry is the operative term, for the Lord continued his practice of teaching and preaching. As the revelation of the Father, Christ's method of dispelling the darkness was to... Read More

Practicing Self-Denial (2)

Bible Reading: Mark 9:42-50. The Lord continued instructing His disciples on the need for self denial. In this discourse He showed how radical sons of Adam need to be to be true disciples of Christ. 1. We need to practice self-denial to persevere in the Christian life.  v43 - 48. The mortification of the flesh,... Read More

Practicing Self-Denial

Hymns: 256 The Love of Jesus  546 Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken Mark 9:38 - 50 Balance is one of the key things in the Christian life.  A warp in the wheel throws the whole life off-centre and sends many otherwise good and earnest believers in wrong directions.  These disciples swung like a pendulum in an opposite... Read More