Summary:  The history of God confounding the languages at the tower of Babel is vital to understanding the division of peoples in the world. This chapter records God’s disruption of man’s rebellious plan to raise an edifice in defiance of God. The united efforts of men under Nimrod’s leadership were idolatrous and anti-God. By pooling their talents and resources, they sought to live without the true God. Their man-centred goal was rebellious to God’s command to subdue the earth. God, therefore, confounded their language throwing them into confusion. As a result of God’s judgment by a direct miracle upon the minds of the people they could only find fellowship and support with others of the same speech. This confounding of languages reduced their abilities and their resources forcing them to abandon their prideful attempt to build the tower of Babel. It also forced them to dwell apart to form separate nations. From the genealogy found in verses 10 – 26 we learn that the scattering of the people took place 101 years after Noah’s flood and that Abraham was born 292 years after the flood. All of the men listed in this genealogy were still alive when Abraham was born. This history provides a definite link between the date of the flood and God’s call to Abraham to leave Ur.