Summary of the passage:  Genesis chapter 13 gives contrasting profiles on Abram and Lot. Abram was a leader, while Lot was a follower. Abram was a worshipper at the place of the altar, while Lot was consumed with his earthly substance. Abram desired peace among his brethren, while Lot allowed strife to get out of control. Abram allowed God to determine his dwelling place, while Lot chose the land that was like Egypt. Abram was a chosen man and went on to enjoy the blessing of God, while Lot chose his own path of seeming earthly prosperity only to lose God’s blessing. Abram is a model pilgrim providing many lessons to Christians on discipleship, while Lot stands as a warning to all Christians that there is a heavy price to pay for missing God’s will for our lives. To be governed by carnal senses leads professing Christians into a life of trouble and a loss of testimony. If we did not have the New Testament’s testimony that Lot was a righteous man and vexed by sin (2 Peter 2:7-8), we might conclude that he was a hopeless case damned by the power of the world.