What to look for in a church before becoming a member?

1. A church that is confessional. This means that it has a doctrinal statement and it is best to have a historical document rather than a totally new statement of faith. Reformed churches will subscribe to the doctrines defended during the Protestant Reformation.

2. A church that is united in doctrine and practice.
Unity is the product of careful teaching and application of the church’s doctrine and practice.

3. A church that is separated from apostasy.
Separate from ecumenism – the Romeward trend in Protestantism.

4. A church that calls people to personal holiness.
It will seek to call people away from worldliness, fads, dangerous trends and temptations.

5. A church that honours the Lord’s Day as God’s gift and God’s command to His people.

6. A church that provides pastoral care of its membership.
The church is more than a preaching centre.

7. A church that is evangelistic.
There must be a burden for lost souls within the church and in the community.

8. A church that faithfully preaches the word of God in a balanced ministry.
A church must not focus on one issue. It is to feed the flock with the whole counsel of God – all that is revealed in the word of God.