Hymns: 482 A heart Like thine 510 He Giveth More Grace
Bible Reading Mark 9:1-10

The Transfiguration is a grand "show and tell" of the Saviour's essential glory.
The setting is probably in Mt. Hermon - after visiting the villages around Caesarea Philippi.
The purpose of this revelation of the Lord's personal glory was to prepare Peter, James and John for His humiliation in His death.
He had just revealed some details of his death and resurrection to his disciples in (ch. 8:31).
This transfiguration, which was a dramatic change in the very countenance of the Lord, was to be a comfort and strength to their faith for the remainder of their lives and ministries. Peter James and John were authors of N.T. books and were personally persuaded of the glory that is in Christ. 

The things which the disciples saw.
The things which the disciples heard.
The things which the disciples felt.

[1] The Things which the three disciples saw.
They had been taken into the mountain to pray. They were led in worship - See Luke 9:28. The transfiguration or change in the Lord's appearance took place while He prayed.

  • They saw clothing of the Lord shining white as snow (v 2).

Transfigured means "changed". "Fuller" means whitener. It is either the person who cleanses, or the soap that bleaches.
We are left to conclude that the divine glory that was within the body of the Saviour shone through His flesh. The Lord's appearance was still physical but made brilliant to the eye. The Lord beamed with purity and divine glory. It was not borrowed, but residing in the Lord. This was a picture of "The mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh..." (1Tim. 3:16). Peter called the Lord's brightness His "majesty" (2Peter 1:16). This sight stayed with Peter all his life. It became a strength to his own soul and his witness before the world.

  • They saw Moses and Elijah.

They were recognizable. They were real. They appeared bodily. They are two witnesses whose bodies have never been found on earth. They are glorified and continue to live.

When we put these two things together we have a wonderful composite of what shall happen to our bodies after the resurrection. We will be changed into the glorious likeness of our Lord and we shall enjoy a life of communion with Christ.

[2] The Things which they heard.

  • They heard Moses and Elijah in conversation with the Lord.

It was a most valuable time of listening in. We can learn a lot by listening to people of knowledge and wisdom talking together. Radio talk shows and podcasts are often titled: "In conversation with..."
Luke tells us that they conversed about the Lord's "decease" [Greek: Exodus] (Luke 9:31).
That was the best theological lesson of all. This was truly the plan and purpose of the Lord. They probably mentioned people, places and powers at work to bring about the Lord's crucifixion.
Knowing the conversations they had with the Lord through their training years, they would have known by the Lord's interest and input that this was real.

  • They heard the Father's voice from within the cloud. "This is my beloved Son: hear him" (v7).

They heard more than the sound of the Father's voice. They also heard His words of confirmation. God spoke His approval showing His pleasure in the life, ministry and the conversation regarding his death. The timing of the Father's speaking through the cloud was intended to confirm the plan of the cross for Christ.
The disciples were quizzing the Lord on the necessity and wisdom of his planned decease, but, having heard the Father's voice of approval, they must give up their reservations and even opposition to Christ's death.
The Father commanded that the disciples "hear" His Son. That means His teaching was right and to be accepted by all. Jesus is the truth.

Note that the Father's voice was the final word, for Elijah and Moses were gone. They saw only Jesus The will of God must be submitted to. The lesson was over. 

[3] The things which they felt.

  • They wanted to remain on the mountain-top in the glow of their exalted Lord and the conversation with Elijah and Moses (v5). Such earthly experiences of heavenly persons and such glory of the Lord are life-changing. The other things of life take a back seat when the glory of the Lord is before the believer. Spiritual blessings will change us from earthlings to saints seeking more glory of the Lord.
  • They were resolved to witness to others. Think of the other disciples who were not present on the mount. Did they know of the glory that was in the Lord? Knowing this urge within Peter, James and John to share their spiritual experiences, the Lord requested that they be silent until after the resurrection (v9). Every believer who learns of Christ will want to proclaim the Lord's name. The reason so few people witness for the Lord is that so few deeply experience the Lord's grace in their souls. The deeper the felt power of the Lord in the soul, the more keenly we will want others to know of Christ too.

Peter and John made this experience of the Lord's transfiguration an essential part of their own ministries (1 Peter 1:16 - 18 & 1 John 3:1-3).
The gospel was given by men who felt deeply the power of Christ in their own souls. They learned of Him and lived to be witnesses of His life, death and resurrection along with His majesty and glory.

Pray for deeper experiences of Christ. Let His power dwell in you and let His power work through.