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[Radio Program Wednesday, April 5, 2017]

  "And, having made peace through the blood of his cross, by him to reconcile all things unto himself; by him, I say, whether they be things in earth, or things in heaven."

Colossians 1:20

We all like to share in the joys of victory. Whether it's our favourite sports team that wins the cup, or our own nation that successfully wins the war, we like to be on the winning side. To be a Christian is to be a winner because our Lord Jesus has already gotten us the victory by His death on the cross.
The battle to bring peace to souls is over. The blood of Jesus has been shed upon the cross at Calvary. Because Jesus was both God and Man in one person, His blood possessed all the power required to pay for the sins of the whole world. As a man, Jesus died, as the God-Man, He reconciled.  Without a body to bleed there would be no blood to shed. Without Him being the second person of the Trinity His blood could not satisfy God's wrath due to the offence of sin. Full payment had to be made for each and every sin to turn God's wrath away and bring down His favour. Without Jesus' death on the cross, God could not justly declare sinners to be righteous.  But, being totally satisfied through the power of Jesus' death as a sacrifice for sin, God is turned in pity to those who turn to Him for salvation. 
Peace is made and so the gospel has the power to reconcile sinners to God. This is a most important truth to lay hold upon. Peace is already made. The text says, "Having made peace through the blood of the cross." Many people turn to religion to work at making peace with God. They try to gain their own victory by their own efforts and so spend all their days and years trying to find peace with God and in the end lose. All the while, the victory is already won. Don't be like the Japanese soldier who hid for decades in the jungle forests, not knowing that the war had ended. You would then banish your own soul from peace with God while the amnesty at the cross has been declared.  
Peace was fought for and won at the cross of Calvary.  To enjoy that peace all you have to do is come as a sinner to the feet of Jesus. You must plead the victory of His cross-work for your soul. You must simply confess that you have no other hope and no other way back to God.
There's a way back to God From the dark paths of sin;
There's a door that is open and you may go in:
At Calvary's cross is where you begin,
When you come as a sinner to Jesus.